Singheswar Sthan:- A Tourist Place Of Mithila

The cult of saivism has found expression in Mithila in basically Mazaffarpur, Darbhanga, Madhubani, and Saharsa have got quite a few Shiva temple.The influence of Nepal, where saivism has a very great holds, is clearly one of the reason why there are so many shiva temple in these border districts. Lots of pilgrims   from Nepal also visited these temples.The singeshwar temple at the village “Singheshwar” in Saharsa District(Mithila) is one of oldest shiva temples in mithila as well as  Bihar.Every year due to flood no any proper road or transport work properly. Their children could not easily married, as people in non-kosi Areas would not give their children in marriage, to parties in the kosi region.

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