Kusheshwar Sthan:- A Beautiful Tourist place of Darbhanga,Mithila

It is an important religious place, situated about 16 Kms. east of Singhia and 22 Kms. northeast of Hasanpur Road railway station on the Samastipur, Khagaria Branch line of North Eastern Railway. It is noted for the temple of Lord Shiva known as Kusheshwarasthan. Pligrims visit this place all the year round for worship. The origin of this temple is traced to the epic period.

The water logged fourteen villages of Kuseshwarasthan block covering an area of 7019 acres and 75 decimals, due to their greater ecological, faunal, floral, geomorphological and natural importance has already been declared as Kuseshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary under Wild Life Protection Act 1972 (as amended upto 1991). The following table shows the names and status of some important migratory birds seen in Kusheshwarasthan Bird Santuary and their native countries.

Names and Status of Important Migratory Birds seen in
Kusheshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary
Serial Number Species Status
1. Dalmatian pelican (Pelicanus erisups) Endangered, International Council of Bird Preservation (ICBP), Bird Red Data Book estimates only 665-1000 pairs in the world.
2. Indian darter (Anlinga rufa) Species in fered to decreasing all over the country.
3. Bar-headed goose A threatened species due to hunting, egg collecting, habitat loss.
4. White winged wood duck (Cairiva scutulata) Included in ICBP Red Data Book. Threatened by hunting and habitat loss
5. Marbled teal (Marmaronetta anqustirostris) Listed in Red Data Book V
6. Baers Pochad (Aythya baeri) Listed in Red Data Book V. Threatened by hunting and habitat loss . Due to wellenddrainage for agriculture.
7. Siberian Crane (Grus leuogranus) Western population of this species is on the verge of extinction. About 2000 birds exist in eastern population.
8. Indian Skimmer (Rynchops albicollis) Comes to wetland plains of India during winter from Bangladesh.
9. Oriental qoosander (Merqus qoosander) Endangered due to hunting and habitat loss.
Wet land areas of Darbhanga district in general andKusheshwarasthan block (Biraul Sub-division) in particular is the WINTER CAPITAL of approx 15 rare and endangered species of MIGRATORY BIRDS. The WINGED GUESTS coming from over eight countries swarm the vast water bodies spread in approx 8100 hects. during winter between November and March.
Approx 45 Kms East of Darbhanga Town.
Name of Birds:

Local Name:- Lalshar, Dighouch, Mail, Nakta, Gairi*, Gagan*, Silli, Adhani, Harial, Chaha, Karan, Ratwa, Gaiber (White and Black)

Biological Names:- Dalmation pelican, Anlinga rufa (Indian darter) Barheadedgoose, Cariva Scutulata, (White wing wood duck), Marmaroneta (Marbled teal), Baers Pochad, Sibrian Crain, Indian Skimmer, Oriental Goosanderek. (* Rarely Seen)

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