Ugna Mahadev:- a Historical Tourist Place in Bhawanipur(Mithila)

The famous temple of KailashPati Mahadev is situated in Bhawanipur district of Madhubani(Mithilia). Through the popularity  of this place by Vidyapati we also called “Ugna Mhadev”.
The Brand ambassadors of “Maithili” and legend of “Sanskrit” literature Mahakavi Vidyapati pray every day this peith(linga). Once when vidyapati  was travelling to another place. In the way Vidyapati need water to drink. There was not any source of water on that area. The servant of Vidyapati, that was lord Shiva, but lived with him as a “Ugana” on that time he returned with some water. When Vidyapati drank, that was the taste of “GangaJal”. So he become wondered and say to Ugana to explain it. Lord Shiva appeared physical through this time  people know this is Ugna Mahadev. 

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