Biography of Pandit Kashi Kant Mishra "Madhup"

Pandit. Kashi Kant Mishra “Madhup” son of Babua Mishra, also known by the sobriquet Maithil Kavi was a Maithili poet and a Sanskrit writer. He was born in 2nd  October 1906 the village of Korthu in Darbhanga district of Bihar state, India.

Madhup is as much known for his love-lyrics as for his poetry dedicated to Mithla Cluture and Mhakavi VidyaPati and Lord Shiva. His language is closest to Maithili, the language spoken around Mithila (a region in the north Bihar), closely related to the abahattha form of early Bengali.

The love songs of Kashi Kant Mishra (Madhup), which describe the sensuous love story of Radha and Krishna, Vidyapati and KobarGeet , popular in Mithla after MahaKavi Vidyapati. This tradition which uses the language of physical love to describe spiritual love, The songs he wrote a Maithili spiritual are still sung in Mithila and form a rich tradition of sweet and lovely folk songs.

Kasi Kant Mishra”Madhup” Published Books:

Appurb rasgulla, Ghankar , Satdhal , Tatka-Jilebi, KobarGeet, Pachmer, Triveni, Tandav, Geet-Manjri, Chounki Chhupe, Trikusha, RADHA- VIRAH, Vidageet, Gangatarangavali, Vatsavitri, Durgasaptsati-maithli-sudha, Duadashi, Prerna-punj, Bolbam, Madhup-saptsati, Parchy-satak, Dhula re nangte nache. Etc……..

Popular Poem:-

Award & Novel:-

●Rs.500 by Akhil Bhartiy Besak Siksha Pratiyogita Madhy Bharat Sarkar Gramsahity Bibhhag on Triveni( 1954)
●He get  the title of Kavichuramani by Mathili Viduat Prisad Saharsa
●Rs.500 by Mahraj Kameshwar Singh on Kobargeet
●Vidyapati  award  by Maithli Acadmy on Prerna Punj (1983)
●Sahity Acadmy  award on Radha Virah (1970) 

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