Biography of Maithil Author Ram Lochan Thakur

Ram Lochan Thakur was born 18th March, 1949 in Babupali village of Madhubani distt. In Mithila. He is son of shri Surati Thakur and smt. Sharda Devi. Ram Lochan received his primary education at a traditional Sanskrit Tol(School). Armed with a matriculation degree from Kaluahi High School at the age of fifteen, he arrived at the city of Calcutta in search of livelihood. After a string of petty jobs to finance his stay in the metropolis, Ram Lochan jee finally secured a permanent job in the Income Tax Department, qualifying for appointment through a rigorous selection process. However, stability in career did not diminish his longing for higher education. He took admission in the evening section of Charuchandra college and completed his graduation. Interestingly, Ram Lochan Jee was the lone student of Calcutta University who had to struggle for taking up a course in Maithili. He retired as an Income Tax Inspector in 2009 and is settled in Kolkata.

The poet in Ram Lochan came to the for quite early when he started composing lyrics while studying in the sixth standard. He has published collection of poetry till date: Itihashanta(1997), Matipanik geet(1985),Deshak nam chhalai son chiraiya(1986),Apurva(1996) and Lakh Prashna Anuttarit(2003).

Besides, a collection of satirical stories titled : ’Betal Katha’ came out in 1981 under the pseudonym of Kumaresh Kashyap. ‘ Smritik Dhokharal Rang’ and ‘Aankhi Munne: Ankhi Kholne’ are his two memories which came out in 2004 and 2005 respectively. In 1983 Ram Lochan jee came up with a reconstruction of folklore titled ‘Maithili Lokakatha’ which had a reprint in 2006.

In addition to his original works, Ram Lochan Thakur has seven translated works to his credit. However, many moiré translated works are yet to be published. He was awarded the prestigious ‘Bhasha Bharti Samaan’ for translation of poems titled ‘Ja Sakai Chhi Kintu kiek jau’ published in 1999. He was also awarded for Prabodh Sahitya Samman in 2012.

Besides, Ram Lochan thakur has authored many essays published in various journals under the pseudonym of Agradoot which are waiting to be collected in a book form. He has edited many books and journals including renowned magazines like Agnipatra, Rangmanch,Mithila Darshan and slfa. Presently, he is devoted to editing the foremost magazine in Maithili titled Mithila Darshan.

He has been the pioneer poet of Agnijivi cult in Maithili poetry, an avid theatre enthusiast with several original and translated plays to his credit and a protagonist of the movement for the promotion of Maithili language and literature.

Ram Lochan Thakur is an author of Marixian worldview. He has profound love for Mithila and Maithili. He is the poet of people f Mithila; the poet of their sufferings and dreams. Satire, pathos protest and challenge are the prominent tones of his poetry. His poetic craft is very close to the common folk. There is a fine mingling of traditional and modern poetic forms in his compositions. Ram Lochan will ever be remembered in Maithili Literature for his love and pathos for the people.

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