Sitamarhi:- The Historical Tourist Place of Mithila

Sitamarhi is famous as a holy place. This place is situated in Bihar state’s Tirhut district. The place is near the bank of river Ganga in Bihar and is in close vicinity of the Nepal border. Sitamarhi is the same place where Saint Valmiki had his ashram and where Sita lived during her banishment. This place is considered sacred in Hindu mythology. This place is also considered to be the birth place of Sita and is hence called Sitamarhi. In close vicinity are the temple of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Lakshman.
Sita Birth Place

According to legends, Sita was born in Punaura which is about 1 mile from Sitamarhi. This place is now known as Janaki Kund. It is also believed that Punaura was a part of Raja Janak’s dynasty. One this place was furiously hit by draught and there was a revelation that it would only rain if Raja Janak himself ploughed the fields.

Raja Janak realized the gravity of the situation and started ploughing. He reached Punaura where due to the ploughing he broke a pot and Sitaji appeared. It immediately started raining heavily. Devotees not only visit the temple in Punaura but also the Janaki temple in Sitamarhi. The idols of Sitaji and Lord Rama in this temple are beautiful.

Janaki temple is a holy place situated in Sitamarhi which is of immense importance in Hindu mythology. It is believed that after Sitaji’s marriage to Lord Rama, Raja Janak established their idols in this temple.
Janaki Kund is situated in Punaura and is believed to be Sitaji’s birth place. It is said that Raja Janak ploughed Panaura’s fields. When he reached Punaura he broke a pot during ploughing and Sitaji appeared. It is also said that Sitaji used to take baths in this Kund.
This place is situated in North-Western Sitamarhi. It is said that Raja Janak did a Putreshti Yagya here and built Lord Shiva’s temple. Since then the place has been famous by the name of Haleshwar.
Baghi math is considered to be an adequate place to offer prayers and perform various rituals. Devotees from all over the world visit this place to offer various prayers.
It is believed that Draupadi was born in this place. This place is situated in the west of Sitamarhi. There is a tradition of a special puja on the day of Mahashivaratri and during the monsoon season. A fair is also organised during this period of the year.

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